Hospitality at the Season's Events

Not about to miss out on a summer of celebrations and events (least of all in this Annus Mirabilis that was the Summer of 2012) a Financial Services firm wanted to get closer to their clients whilst entertaining them. After a review of their season's hospitality they felt that their food and drink offering wasn't good enough and was too generic.

True Deli worked with their marketing department to create a new on-brand food offering for staff to entertain with, from small summer hampers for Lord's to giant carpark picnics at the polo - we vastly improved the quality and relevance of the food and drink provided to clients and also added a number of personal touches, resulting in rave reviews and some very happy clients. Through all of this we made sure that there were certain links to the company and the food and drinks was as relevant as possible, as well as being delicious and practical.

We would be delighted to discuss your hospitality requirements and make a few suggestions about how to make it specific and memorable.